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Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle is a health hazard in and of itself, and that at least 60% of the world's population doesn't do the physical exercice needed to provide health benefits. With so many people leading sedentary lifestyle, how can offices promote greater physical activity among their employees?
Human resources departments might consider taking the following tips into account: 
Active offices
Exercice at the office? Absolutely, as this helps to offset a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, countries such as Japan have implemented  fitness programmes during working hours to improve their employee's health.
This actually makes good sense. After spending 8 hours in a sitting position, it stands to reason that this could take a toll on your health. In fact, an estimated 4% of deaths worldwide are due to the so-called "chair effect", in Spain this figure is 3,7%. That's why encouraging physical activity at the workplace is therefore very important.
The WTCB complex has its own gym, the Fitness Club, which is for exclusive use by employees. Offices and working environments with such facilities can make a big difference to work productivity and health.
Making use of large spaces 
Offices with just a desk and a chair are becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays the focus is on establishing collaborative areas where employees working in different company departments can either work alone or with others.
Following that approach, large workplaces are an important way of offsetting a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, the offices at WTCB are fully adaptable and can be modified to create larger spaces, which in turn have a positive effect on a company's work productivity.
Using technology only as needed
Although chats, mails and phone calls certainly make our work easier, sometimes they're not altogether necessary. Sometimes going to see a colleague at their desk to comment on something can be more useful and effective than chatting with them online. Furthermore, eye-to-eye communication fosters interaction between workmates.
Holding a meeting while standing or walking
There are two reasons for doing this:
  • They encourages us to leave our desk and walk to a specific place.
  • They increase efficiency, since standing or walking don't motivate us to chat for too long unnecessarily.
Walking meetings are a great option when we need to talk about private or confidential matters, since they help to release tension and let the conversation flow. When the weather's good, outdoor spaces or gardens offer a pleasant alternative to being in the office. If you work at WTCB, a stroll around the plaza or a walk along the seafront can also have beneficial effects on work productivity.
In the final analysis, the key to leading a more active lifestyle revolves around not being seated for too many hours at a time. In addition to these tips, it's always a good idea to stand up at least every 20 minutes to avoid spending too much time sitting down.

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