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Today's world calls for employees in digital companies to be highly creative. For a creative team to able to work effectively, it is important to create a work environment that will stimulate brainstorming.
Companies with a strong focus on encouraging creativity have implemented office models designed to help them accomplish their aims efficiently. Some are innovative and bold, while others involve making changes that are simple but provide good results. Here are 6 office models designed to enhance work-team creativity:
Special areas
Turning the office into a creative booster can be done by creating workspaces for specific purposes. This not only provides greater cohesion in the workplace, but also facilitates communication between team members. Examples include areas for socialising, where employees can take a break and engage in casual conversations, or collaborative areas, where people can get feedback from their colleagues.
Open environments


It's important to create an open, roomy work setting where team members can feel at ease while they work. This office model is based on eliminating walls. This applies both to individual offices and to meeting rooms. Cublicles are not conductive to a creative environment, much less a collaborative one. It's important for team to create bonds of trust with their colleagues and superiors alike, in order to make the most of their creativity.
This office model is very popular in advertising agencies and digital firms. It's based on providing creatives with a series of amenities: ergonomic chairs, coffe, beer, a canteen, air conditioning, ets. The more the members of a team feel at home, the more productive they'll become by coming up with more ideas more rapidly.
Let employees have a say
A graet way of encouraging creativity through an office model is to ask the creative members of a team for their input on office changes. This helps to take into account their needs and opinions first hand. It's also a model that fosters a democratic work environment.
Flexible work hours
A flexible timetable means employees can go to the office when it suits them most or even to drop in when they have a specific idea to share. The effectiveness of this system depends on the company's line of business. It is ideal for media companies or advertising agencies, but doesn't dovetail so well with more routine-based work, such as that of accounting offices.
Pooling areas of expertise
More than an office model, this is a humanist approach to boosting creative productivity in the workplace. In a uniform team discrepancies over important issues seldom arise an sometimes there's not much need for creative ideas. The ideal setup is to form multidisciplinary work teams in which employees can contribute different kinds of expertise. There's a need to take a more open-minded approach to hiring practices, as this will encourage the flow of ideas in any office.
As we have seen, the confort, the atmosphere and nature of a workplace have a strong bearing on creative productivity.
Now that you're aware of the possibilities of each office model, you can choose whichever best fits your needs.

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