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Seven reasons why you should make your employees’ wellbeing a priority

siete razones por las que el bienestar de los empleados debe ser prioridad en tu negocio

The best companies have happy, motivated and efficient workforces. How do they accomplish this? In addition to paying decent, competitive salaries, by investing in innovative facilities, creative designs, games rooms and ergonomic furniture, and also by providing added benefits such as free transport, medical facilities, sports installations, courtesy snacks and health food menus to keep their work teams satisfied.

If you’re not aware how a healthy human-resource culture can benefit your business, here are seven reasons why you should prioritise your staff’s wellbeing:

1. Greater productivity
It’s no secret that satisfied employees show greater interest in their work and focus more effectively on what they do. They’re proud of forming part of an organisation and are therefore more productive.

2. Stronger emphasis on innovation
When employees feel at home at the office and work in a dynamic, less routine-based environment, they become more creative and committed to what they’re doing. They start thinking outside the box, thus paving the way for the innovation that makes the business grow.

3. Lower staff turnover
Staff turnover costs a lot of time and money, reduces company productivity and hampers team work. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it affects the company’s reputation, since employees lose motivation when they realise high turnover rates are normal at their workplace. Their work environment makes them feel expendable and insecure. 

4. It reduces the brain drain
When employees feel content working for a company, they’ll seek to grow within the firm rather than chasing better work opportunities elsewhere. And job satisfaction doesn’t just hinge on the pay package: it also has to do with a healthy work environment that allows people to do what they love both inside and outside the firm. 

5. Reduced expenses
Companies that look after their work team’s wellbeing promote healthcare programmes within the corporation, the result being less days off for health reasons. Absenteeism is often related to health issues from spending too much time in front of a computer screen. That’s why businesses that invest in their employees’ wellbeing are actually boosting productivity.

6. Dynamic corporate culture
Offices with a dynamic corporate culture not only have healthier work teams: they’re also happier, self-starting and proactive. They have a more positive attitude and tend to make their own decisions, which is certain to have a positive impact on the firm’s business culture.

7. Improves the firm’s reputation
It’s no coincidence that companies known for taking care of their employees have some of the best reputations worldwide.
They’re companies where a lot of people would like to work, so they attract the most talented employees and keep them happy and productive. 

As we have seen, there are many good reasons for investing in staff well-being. Initially, when a business fosters good working conditions and makes sure its work teams are satisfied, the entire corporation becomes more productive, innovative and efficient. In the long term, this approach translates into an image of success and an improved reputation, which are key factors for growth.

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