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Incorporating artificial intelligence into your business
Cómo integrar la inteligencia artificial en tu negocio
Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to be a major new technology throughout the business world. Making use of artificial intelligence to boost business competitiveness at all levels and productive processes is rapidly becoming a reality.

How can AI help your business?
Many analysts have touted the enormous potential of artificial intelligence for business applications, and ever more companies are embracing automatic learning processes. According to a study conducted by Accenture, firms that incorporate AI into their business models could see their revenue rise by as much as 38% by 2035.
AI is business friendly in that it simplifies communication with clients by assessing user behaviour patterns. Artificial intelligence systems are also being used to control production processes and interconnected devices.

What sectors does artificial intelligence benefit?
These self-learning and analytic tools can be applied to different business areas to optimise the production process and client relations alike.
  • Sales and Marketing: using machine learning in conjunction with predictive algorithms that repeat patterns and trends means AI learns from errors. Data and tools are already available in real time for rapid analysis. 
  • Customer attention: with the arrival of virtual assistants or chatbots that can reproduce and interpret human language, these can be applied to online chats on webpages, to answering phone calls and to solving more complex problems.
  • Finances: deep learning helps recognise the potential investment risks that some clients could pose to a company. AI will also have a bearing on the collaborative economy, by bringing together capital investors with firms seeking financing, instead of resorting to banks as intermediaries.
Integrating artificial intelligence into your business
In the near future, company use of artificial intelligence will boost business across the board, so it’s important to be prepared.
  • Accepting AI: executives tend to think AI will bring them immediate results. However, it’s an evolving technology that becomes more intelligent as it learns, so it needs to be given time.
  • Learning from other companies: if other firms in your line of business are using AI technologies, it’s useful to see how they’re going about it. Examine their results and if they have met with success, don’t hesitate to apply them in your company.
  • Linking AI to performance indicators: before integrating AI, the company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should be taken into account by assessing where they can be improved and in what areas AI will make a difference.
  • Considering the impact of AI on people: in the near future, people and artificial intelligence systems will have to collaborate with each other. AI will have a positive influence on our lives, just as mobile telephony has.
  • Creating an AI culture in your firm: company leaders should make progressive and transparent use of AI, promoting a relation of trust between machines and human beings so as to maximise opportunities all round.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly on the rise in businesses, even making an impact on how it will be designed and implemented in buildings with smart offices, while incorporating ever more technology into their operation.

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