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Five end-of year activities to foster relations at the office
5 actividades de fin de año que pueden mejorar la convivencia en tu oficina wtcb

The end of the year is a special time in any company. Offices are decorated, employees are in a better mood, and the atmosphere at the office marks a change from the rest of the year. It’s a time that can be taken advantage of to improve office fellowship all round. All you need to do is organise some Christmas activities at the office so as to liven up the atmosphere. Here are 5 very effective ways of doing so:

Breaking the ice
If you reckon relations between employees could be better, perhaps it’s because they don’t really know each other very well or haven’t had much of a chance to interact socially. The closing days of the year are a good time to change that, as the staff tend to be much more receptive and tolerant. One option is to organise a game or two to help break the ice. 
Think of something special that will breed trust and camaraderie between employees. For instance, you can set up teams between members of different departments and get them to play a game of charade or “fibs” (each person writes down two things about themselves and the others have to guess which is false).

Company raffle
The end of the year is a time for giving and receiving. And it’s no secret that receiving generates goodwill between people. To improve the atmosphere at work for the following year, you can organise a raffle exclusively for employees for them to win televisions, domestic appliances and the like. The great thing is to ensure everyone wins something, however small.

Gift exchanges!
Exchanging presents is a very effective way of fostering work team harmony, and Christmas and the New Year are a perfect time to organise them at the office. Draw up some rules: maximum and minimum amounts to be spent on gifts, a list of suggestions, etc. It’s important for friends to be kept “invisible” or “secret”, i.e., for each staff member to give a present to someone from outside their department.

The dinner
New Year’s dinner is also an important way of creating bonds between office workers. You can rent a dining venue, invite all your employees and serve them a special dinner. A little live music, drinks and other festive activities will also help break the ice. In fact, the office Christmas dinner is the perfect time to hold the raffle we mentioned.

Fun above all
If your staff is having a good time with office Christmas activities, there’s a good chance they’ll start the new year motivated and with stronger interpersonal relations. It’s important not to pressure people, however: each work team is different and some Christmas activities may work for some but not for others. If they’re not particularly interested in games or exchanging presents, it might be better to just go for the dinner and the raffle. The main thing is to enliven the atmosphere by letting things flow naturally rather than trying to force workmates into having a good time.

Your job as a leader is to improve the atmosphere at work to increase team productivity. Don’t underestimate the potential of New Year festivities for making that happen!

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