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7 leadership traits that show whether you’re a good boss
los 7 rasgos que deberas evaluar sobre tu gestion para saber si eres un buen jefe

If you’re in charge of a team, you know how demanding co-ordinating the work of team members can be. Apart from knowing how to supervise and delegate responsibilities, being a team leader takes passion, commitment and emotional intelligence. 
We’ve therefore drawn up a checklist for you to see how good your leadership skills are. Let’s see if you identify with these statements:

1. You are respectful in your treatment of others
Being a team leader calls for a kind tone of voice and use of language, along with assertive communication. You need to be straightforward and clear in stating what you want, without sounding aggressive. It’s important to avoid unconstructive criticism or speaking badly of others, whether they are present or not. 

2. Practice what you preach
A leader shows his commitment to the job in hand and projects a positive attitude. Leaders should be punctual, professional and embody the company’s values, for their team members to view them as a source of inspiration. A good boss cannot demand things of others if he or she is not prepared to do likewise.

3. Accessibility
Your employees should know they can count on you when they need support. You understand the importance of good communication and answer calls, mails and text messages promptly.

4. You’ve spoken with each team member to define their role
Believe it or not, it’s common for the duties of some staff members not to be well defined. This can be frustrating for them, since they’re often asked to carry out other responsibilities outside their purview, so they have to put off their own projects, which affects their productivity 
That’s why it’s important to define roles personally and clearly with each team member to prevent misunderstandings. 

5. Provide timely feedback
Employees need to know they’re on the right track from the outset of a project so they don’t have to make last-minute changes. It’s a common mistake to wait for a project to be under way before taking the way it’s being done into account.

6. Give credit to your employees and acknowledge their achievements
Mediocre bosses take credit for their team members’ achievements. This generates a lot of staff stress and unease because they feel betrayed and are not being given the recognition they deserve. Eventually they’ll lose their sense of loyalty to the firm and their performance will decrease. 

7. Making leeway for mistakes
A good leader is aware that nobody’s perfect and is therefore able to condone and accept errors. Effective leaders don’t lose their cool, support their team members and focus on solving issues instead.

Did you identify with all the points? Excellent! That makes you a good boss. You have the ability to lead, delegate tasks and keep your team motivated. You practise what you preach, engage in assertive communication because you handle your emotions well and are a source of inspiration to others. 
Don’t be put off if you feel you don’t meet all the requisite characteristics. Addressing issues rather than worrying about them are also signs of a good leader and you can always get to work on honing your skills and optimising relations with your work team. 

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