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Looking for offices to rent? Take these design considerations into account to boost productivity
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The atmosphere at the office plays a vital role in productivity. You need look no further than the most successful companies in the world to realise the emphasis they place on their work environments. Office layout, design and relaxation areas are all of great importance to the well-being and performance of their employees.
On making a decision on which offices to rent, you want to make sure you have a flexible workspace that can be adapted to your company’s working methods and that its design reflects your corporate image, mission and values. 

Certain design and distribution features enhance productivity, such as:

Lighting, which helps to establish a positive attitude.
If anything lowers employee motivation, it’s offices that have no windows or are poorly lit. According to a study published in the Current Biology journal, being exposed to artificial light alone several hours a day can lead to serious health problems.
  • Insufficient or excessively strong lighting affects your mood and sleep patterns, and appears to have a bearing on depression.
  • To ensure a positive outlook and improve workteam efficiency, it’s important to choose places that have plenty of natural light and large windows. Natural daylight helps to put you in a good frame of mind and raises your energy level.
  • It’s also important for your biological clock to know what time of day it is outside so as not to affect your sleeping and wakefulness patterns. 

Office design
The aim here is to look for quality offices with a flexible layout that can be adapted to company needs. 
  • Open-plan offices are excellent for encouraging communication between employees, but they can be rather noisy. It’s therefore a good idea to outfit such areas with sound-absorbing features, such as high-backed chairs that enable people to work on their own when they need to by acting as a noise buffer. 
  • Independent cubicles for one-on-one conversations, small meetings or working alone should be borne in mind.
  • On designing your office layout it’s also important to think about ergonomics: comfortable, anatomical furniture that doesn’t hamper easy movement around the office, for instance. 

The psychology of colour
The rationale behind this methodology is that the use of different colours can influence states of mind and moods. You can therefore use them in keeping with the atmosphere you want to create, as follows:
  • Blue fosters friendly relations and a relaxed setting.
  • Green is thought to have a bearing on creative thinking. It’s an ideal colour for companies that work in creative fields such as marketing, advertising and design.
  • Orange speaks of value for money and fosters trust. It can be used in areas devoted to making deals, or the sales department. 
  • Conversely, colours such as yellow and red are not advisable because, despite being energetic, they hinder concentration. 

The right temperature
Temperature also has an effect on employee productivity. Too much heat or cold affects the way people perceive each other. It’s a good idea to make sure the temperature’s always pleasant.

Rest and relaxation areas
Taking a little time off for relaxation and amusement is a good way of recharging your batteries to boost productivity. Offices where a cafeteria, gym, relaxation areas and open spaces are available are something that today’s employees really appreciate. 

WTC Barcelona offers all that and more. Quality offices and a first-rate office complex with flexible spaces that can be readily customised to fit your company’s needs are what the World Trade Center Barcelona is all about. Add natural daylight and relaxing views of the sea, and your sense of well-being will motivate you to go the extra mile at the office every time.

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