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Marketing your brand through events

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It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to engage in event marketing as an additional means of talking about and promoting their brands.

The best events owe their success to their ability to convey memorable experiences to consumers, by promoting an image that makes the brand easily and readily recognisable to them. In short, that consumers can identify with.

If you’re wondering how to go about organising an event to promote your brand, here are some tips for you to organise events in Barcelona that will help you accomplish your aims and achieve renown:

  1. Provide gifts that can act as a call to action
Participants at events are used to receiving freebies that will trigger a call to action: a website, a hashtag, a contact email or a catchphrase can make a big difference in terms of making your company known.
  1. Prepare a specific presentation
Events are a great opportunity to talk about your brand directly and personally. Prepare and rehearse a concise and appealing speech that will grab attention and make your audience be active participants in the story.
Remember an event is not just about conveying a message or showcasing a product, but about getting your audience to relate to and be drawn in by your brand.
  1. Make sure you have press kits on hand
There are usually a multitude of people and companies at events, so the chances are that reporters will be overwhelmed with information. A press kit helps to remind people who you are and what you do, by summarising key aspects of your brand and history for the media to share.
  1. Create content on different platforms
Using an application can increase the public’s involvement and therefore the extent to which they interact with you.
Draw up a strategy for sharing publications on social media or a blog, by uploading videos and images showing developments prior to, during and after the event. This will create expectations, visibility and presence, and all the more so if you add an appealing hashtag.
  1. Above all be sure to choose the right venue for your event
One of the keys to a successful event is choosing where it will be held. Choose a venue that has everything you need to host the event and that conveys an image in line with your brand and aims.
The WTCB Congress and Convention Centre boasts 4,000 m2 of adaptable, top-notch facilities featuring the latest technology for holding any and all kinds of events in Barcelona, from motivational workshops in a meeting room to large-scale functions at the Auditorium.
If you’d like to organise a great event to highlight the presence and visibility your company is looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and form part of the 250+ events that are held at the WTCB facilities every year.

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