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Leading a work team: Transformational Leadership
liderar un equipo de trabajo wtcbarcelona

Leadership skills and acting as an inspiration to others are core ingredients for success in any organisation. Executive abilities are important in all kinds of activities, ranging from training your team members to perform their tasks effectively and inspire them to strive for excellence, to the responsibility of protecting them from work hazards that could pose a threat to their integrity. Leading work teams calls for a set of skills that require time and energy to develop.

Approaches to “being the boss” or a team leader have changed over time. In the past rigid hierarchies were the norm: leaders had exclusive authority and were the only ones with a say in the decision-making process. Today’s ever-changing market, characterised by new competitors and rapidly-evolving technology, has turned executive skills into what is now called Leadership 2.0.

Leadership 2.0
Leadership 2.0 focuses on a set of practices for managing human talent that has marked a change from the authoritarian approach by basing management methods on communication with and active participation from employees. Leadership 2.0 is a collective construct whereby leaders invite their teams to devise solutions and manage processes dynamically, through concerted agreement on the company’s core values. Although it calls for open-ended leadership, it doesn’t mean there’s no structure or hierarchy. Shaping new executive skills is based on eliciting respect and admiration for a leader’s abilities rather than for their position or rank.

Transformational Leadership as a Leadership 2.0 strategy
One of the main tools in this new approach is Transformational Leadership, in which management focuses on empowering company employees through an inspirational aim to bring about deep-seated changes in their area of expertise. Here are a few strategies based on this approach that are certain to sharpen your leadership skills:

1. Inspire your team members to follow a collective aim
Employees with little motivation get up in the morning and go to work hoping time will go by as fast as possible, and their greatest reward is receiving a paycheck at the end of the month. Team members who share the same aim have reason to be proud of their product, idea or service, and are aware that by working with enthusiasm and a focus on quality, their contribution to collective tasks will lead to satisfied end customers.

2. Spend some time encouraging workmates to get to know each other and establish positive bonds.
Teamwork is the result of hours and hours of close collaboration between human beings who place emphasis on collective results rather than on their own interests. Such teamwork requires experiences that establish a genuine rapport between you and your team, based on an attitude of respect, admiration and friendly relations at the workplace. 

3. Motivate your work team
When management wants to transform its work team it needs to implement a plan for continuous motivation. To that end, it’s important to get to know each member of the team, the way they communicate and their potential for growth. This will make it easier to motivate them after a job well done, while also providing feedback so that team members are aware what needs to be improved and in what ways their contribution helps to strengthen the company. 

Putting these strategies into practice will help you work hand in hand with your team to transform your organisation and generate productive changes to benefit your clients.

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