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How many times a week and at what time of day is it best to go to the gym?
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For people who devote most of their day to working, doing any kind of physical activity may seem out of their reach. Tiredness, lack of time or headaches, among other factors, often prevent us from going to the gym. Ironically, however, many of the resons that make us not want to practise any kind of sport, such as those we just mentioned, are often a consequence of not doing exercise.

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are problems that can have serious consequences on our bodies over the long term. In fact, an estimated 73% of Spaniards run the risk of health issues due to lack of exercise. Being physically active would therefore seem to be an effective way of keeping healthy.

It’s obvious that today’s frantic pace of life makes it difficult to achieve a balance between work and physical exercise. It’s therefore important for businesses to implement “active office” programmes for their employees to keep in good health. 

Some work spaces are in a better position to do this than others. A good example is WTC Barcelona and its Fitness Club, a workout facility available to everyone who works at the office complex. 

How many times a week should you go to the gym?
The frequency depends on what we want to achieve:

Weight loss
The main thing to bear in mind for shedding those extra pounds is to do workouts with moderate weights. It’s advisable to devote at least two or three hours a week to moderate workouts, in tandem with weightlifting one hour a week, to begin building muscle mass while also burning calories.

Building up muscle
If you want to increase your muscle mass, you need to do repeat sets of exercises (8 to 12 repetitions) in equal sets (3 or 4), while resting for between 30 and 90 seconds between sets.

It’s important to begin lifting a weight that’s a little above your comfort threshold. Over time, the muscles you are working on will build up resistance and you’ll be able to increase the number of repetitions, series and load. However, if what you want is just to stay active, an average of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day can be very beneficial. Here’s an important tip: if you want to stay healthy, avoid being in a sedentary position for more than 80% of the day.

What’s the best time of day to go to the gym?
The best time largely depends on your needs and your daily routine. Generally speaking, we recommend doing exercise when:
  • You’re in the mood for it, to make sure you won’t try to get through your workout in a hurry (which only produces greater mental stress). 
  • A reasonable amount of time has elapsed after a meal.

This is particularly important if we bear in mind that the worst time of day to go to the gym is right after a meal, since it interferes with our digestion, which can lead to various kinds of discomfort.
Striking the right balance between working and working out not only increases our productivity, but also improves our health and mood, which helps us start the day on the right foot.

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