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Why is a healthy employee more productive?
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A company’s staff is one of its most valuable assets and looking after your employees’ health is as important as safeguarding your firm’s equity. Why

To answer this, let’s look at Mahou San Miguel’s experience in this regard. This brewery was one of the first to establish healthcare and wellness programmes. The company estimates that every euro it invests in such programmes provides a return of almost three. This is because an employee’s healthcare habits has a positive effect on their work environment, which translates into increased performance and productivity.

Mahou San Miguel’s case is worthy of mention, but it’s not the only one. Henkel decided to bring about a change in dietary habits through the company’s canteen. Employees are given incentives to take part in the programme, which include winning a free trip. For its part, Laboratorios Quinton has placed a physiotherapist on call during working hours, along with a nutritionist and even a coach for working through emotions.

Benefits of taking care of your employees’ health
Health is a priority issue and businesses can be adversely affected if they don’t show concern for their staff’s well-being.

Corporations currently face two major problems in this arena. The first is absenteeism, and the second is the other side of the coin: presenteeism, which is what happens when an employee is at work but is expected to do tasks other than their own or is not in a fit condition to do them. This brings negative consequences such as fatigue and boredom, which obviously reduce productivity.

The most effective way of addressing such issues is to take measures to foster health care and improve the work setting; this will also help to attract new talent. In fact millennials –the generation born between 1980 and 2000 or thereabouts—not only expect to be paid well, but also place a premium on flexibility and corporate social commitment. In other words, they’re interested in working for companies that treat their employees in an increasingly humane way

What can be done to promote staff well-being?
Firstly, taking care of nutrition is fundamental. A person’s health and their eating habits are very closely linked, and companies that address that relationship are certain to witness improvements in productivity and motivation. 

Furthermore, several studies have established links between nutrition and work performance. One such study states that poor nutrition is linked to absenteeism, illness, low spirits and higher accident rates.

This goes to show why companies should recognise the importance of keeping their employees in good health. In that regard, depending on the specific needs of your staff, you can take action by implementing measures such as:

  • Courses to quit smoking.
  • Jogging courses, which are ideal for companies whose employees spend too much time sitting down.
  • Massages, particularly for workers who carry heavy loads.
  • Fitness sessions at a nearby gym: this is a group activity that helps to raise motivation.
  • Yoga and meditation sessions.

To sum up, when businesses show concern for their employees’ health, they’re also boosting productivity and motivation. Implementing staff health-care programmes is thus tantamount to looking after the main resource of any organisation: its workforce.

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