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How to create attractive workspaces
espacios trabajo atractivos wtc barcelona

The space where a worker carries out his/her job is important both for the individual and the company. Every place in the organization has a direct relationship with the productivity, satisfaction and happiness of its workers and tries to reflect the values, policies and strategic objectives of the business.

Furthermore, an attractive, comfortable and pleasant space, with all the necessary tools at hand, helps workers to feel much more committed to their work and to give their best, which in turn leads to better results, time and dedication.

When it comes to choosing the ideal office or a dream workspace, one of the leading companies in attractive workspaces is Google. It is no wonder that all over the world “The magic of Google's offices” is spoken about.

Where to begin
To create an attractive and productive workspace it is necessary to involve each of the workers in its design and conceptualization. After all, the end result of this transformation effort must please those who will benefit from these places day after day.

According to the report published by JLL (NYSE: LL) on these type of spaces, “the creation of a receptive environment allows workers to produce meaningful work. It also inspires a sense of pride and can revitalize organizational performance”.

Every head of department knows what the team needs when it comes to tools, temperature and lightning conditions, and may know what inspires and motivates workers. Some organizations carry out surveys to improve working conditions, beyond the ergonomic regulations of each country.

How to create the best workspace 
Strangely enough, some companies fit out their workers’ workspaces with everyday items that help make them feel comfortable and at home. Apart from good lighting, quality finishes and a pleasant view, it is important to cut the team off from external noise. Here are some aspects to take into account when redesigning a workspace:

1. Strategic locations
An aspect that will not impact on comfort, but on productivity, is to encourage communication among workers who share activities on an ongoing basis. This is required for agile methodologies. However, other organizations have chosen to promote mobility in the workplace, allowing workers to choose where they want to sit every day.

2. Less barriers, more freedom
Nowadays, in organizations, cubicles and walls have been replaced by open and clear spaces, notice boards, whiteboards and blank surfaces to stick post-it notes and create new ideas or plans. This not only allows for better communication, but also leads to innovation and new solutions.

3. Collaborative desks
Collaborative work is now part of a trend in the world of work, and there is no better way to encourage teamwork and effective communication than sitting workers close to one another, without sacrificing their own private workspaces.

4. Use of Gadgets
Google not only decorates and has themes for its offices, but it also incorporates gadgets or things which add value to the comfort and satisfaction of its workers, which has obviously, provided excellent results.

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