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The impact of Onboarding in the work environment during the intake process
Onboarding entorno laboral wtcb

How do workers feel on their first day at work? How does the company welcome them? Is a standard protocol followed or is each new worker treated differently? Welcoming each new worker appropriately is vital both for the worker and for the business objectives, something which Onboarding has a lot to contribute to.

The process of adapting to a new work environment is usually not easy for a worker on their first day: getting to know new co-workers, the methods and processes that they will carry out, the new rules and policies that they must comply with are some of the aspects to face in a totally unknown environment for those who have just arrived.

To successfully deal with the first day of your new workers, it is necessary to consider a strategic concept that is committed to greater permanence and work efficiency from the moment they join: it is called Onboarding.

What is Onboarding?
Onboarding means integration and refers to the process that a company must undertake in order to give an excellent welcome to the new worker from the first day on. If a company wants to retain and secure a talented worker, they must keep this strategy in mind.

The process involves managing the expectations of the new worker with those of the department where they will work and to participate in dynamics of integration and recognition with the managerial team, by following a protocol and in a formal way.

A good Onboarding strategy must make the new worker feel empowered and committed to the organization. Only then will the incorporation of a worker result in effective integration and collaboration.

What to the figures say?
Different publications have verified that a worker's first days in a company are vital. The study Support, Undermining, and Newcomer Socialization: Fitting in During the First 90 Days published in the Academy of Management Journal, analysed the situation of 264 workers in their first months of work. 
The result confirms that the support received in the first few days has a huge effect on the obtaining of good work outcomes and on building a good relationship with the company. In other words, the first weeks will determine the way in which the worker will cope in their work environment.

Furthermore, the study Onboarding Software Solutions 2014: On-Ramp for Employee Success backs this up: 79% of the business leaders consider the successful integration of a new worker vital. Otherwise, this first stage could even lead to the loss of the worker. In fact, it is estimated that 4% of new workers leave their job after a disastrous first day and 22% of this turnover takes place within the first 5 days.  

Benefits of Onboarding
Making use of Onboarding will allow your company to get closer you your workers from their first day on, making them integrate quickly which results in improved performance, increased productivity and a better work environment.

Thanks to this type of strategy your employees will not only decide to stay, but they will attract new talents, the turnover rate will be reduced and, in addition, it will reduce the risk of the employee leaving the company within the first few days, allowing you to build solid teams and improve communication between its members.

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