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5 benefits of the intensive workday in summer and advice on how to deal with it

beneficios jornada intensiva verano wtcb

Many offices adopt greater flexibility in summer with the intensive workday in July, August and part of September. High temperatures provide a measure that increases the motivation to work and a study carried out by the OCU (The Consumers and Users Organisation) concludes that six out of ten employees prefer to take advantage of this method. What advantages does it offer? 

1. Work-Life Balance 
In a season that calls for the long days with natural light to be taken advantage of with outdoor activities, afternoons in the pool or walks on the beach, this time management method is an improvement based on optimization through the intensive workday. In addition, children have no school and those who have this type of workday can better adjust their schedule to the new family situation.

2. Increased internal and external motivation
Workers are happier when taking part in fun activities from Monday to Friday, in other words, not just at the weekend. They can take part in the typical activities of the months of July and August. For example, summer cinema, trips or outdoor music concerts.  

3. Increased productivity and concentration
When an employee feels looked after and valued by the company they work for, their performance increases. The intensive workday is one of the things that many people look for when it comes to choosing a job. This improves the emotional salary thanks to a good work environment.

4. Reduced stress before the summer holidays
Waiting for that stand-out date in the working schedule is more appealing thanks to this philosophy.

5. Breaks the monotony
Fostering creativity in the office is an inspiration for anyone who wants to be their best version of themselves from the point of view of talent. There are many different ways to break the monotony. For example, by adjusting the schedule to the rhythm of summer. 

4 tips for dealing with the intensive workday
How to improve well-being during the summer months? 

1. Physical exercise: swimming, walking or cycling are highly recommended options for summer.
2. Start a new routine around three essential pillars: rest, the main meals of the day, the balance between work and free time.
3. Adaptation period: take a few days to gradually get used to the changes brought about by this new routine. It is very likely that in a week or so you will already be in your new comfort zone. 
4. Hydration: to combat the effects of the high temperatures and the risk of a summer heat wave, it is very important to eat well and stay hydrated. For this reason, you should drink water regularly throughout the day. Also, enjoy the nutritional power of seasonal fruits, such as watermelon.

To sum up, if your offices adopt flexibility during this time of year, do not be afraid to reap the benefits and try to follow these useful tips to look after yourself in the heat. 

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