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How to face the digitalization of the company

digitalizacion empresa wtc barcelona

At present it is a priority to adapt to the consumers that have emerged from Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies. This ever-growing target, is characterized by its enormous flexibility in every respect, hence it modifies its behaviour in line with the advances in technological development. According to a study carried out by Dell EMC, 81% of companies are aware of the need for an IT transformation in order to remain competitive. The problem is that companies are not always clear on what the steps to take towards digitalization are.

The digital transformation places special importance on the incorporation of new technologies, but above all new logics, so that the business is more efficient and allows new opportunities. In this way, the infrastructure and processes are improved to stay updated and perform an optimal job.

Main challenge
Consumers have access to more information than ever before, they research online before making a purchase decision and have more trust in other people’s reviews than in advertising. Brands must acquire the commitment of key audiences through the means used by them and, of course, offer the experiences that are expected of them. Digital native companies develop with this mentality, but for older companies the change from traditional to digital methods is more of a challenge.

Steps for structuring and executing the company digitalization plan

Internal analysis
Evaluate the digital maturity of the company based on current technology, business model and processes. Compare current status with future objectives: what gaps exist, what elements can be inherited, what should be changed... We suggest creating a roadmap in which the adoption of technologies is introduced in order of priority according to the needs of the company, for example, cloud, Big Data, AI, digital security, CRM, among others.

Customer analysis 
It is necessary to research the digital preferences of the customers, the channels where they can be located and what their expectations are with respect to the brands they follow online. In this way, products, services and platforms can be adapted to meet the needs of customers and, in addition, solve communication problems that could affect the positioning of the company.

Digital training
It is necessary to digitally train collaborators, who are mainly responsible for the digitalization of the company, so that they can undergo a technological appropriation that influences each process: from the generation of ideas and development, to marketing, sales and distribution. It is a good idea to seek out flexible collaborators who can participate as spokespersons for the transformation and, when searching for new talent, identify candidates that can adapt to the digital objectives of the company.

It is important to identify the elements that customers prefer in each channel and combine them to improve their experience. Have a continuous improvement strategy in which new trends are adopted and encourage constant feedback with the customer to get to know their opinions. 

Customer experience
The customer experience is the general opinion that a user has about a brand through its interactions with it. According to Salesforce research, 75% of consumers want brands to provide a consistent experience, to quickly deal with their requests as well as to provide a personalized service. The digitalization of the company should focus on offering unique and different values ​​that set it apart from the competition. In addition to generating customer acquisition, a well implemented digitalization strategy helps to reduce the costs of the product, as processes are streamlined and risk is reduced.

Digital transformation is a mandatory process if companies want to remain competitive. Having an online presence and adopting new technologies is just one step in the disruptive digitalization process, which allows to identify opportunities in order to optimize processes and offer unique customer experiences.

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