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7 strategies for your corporate event to be a complete success
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Corporate events organized to achieve marketing objectives are an excellent addition to the annual marketing plan. In fact, around 89% of professionals in these departments organize events as a growth strategy. The perfect planning of an event like this in the corporate agenda improves the positioning of the brand in the niche market it is in. You cannot sort out all the arrangements in just one day if you really want your event to be unforgettable. How do you organize a unique event? Next, discover the seven steps needed to pull it off successfully. 

1. Choose the time
Choose a date on which there is no other important event in the area so that your event does not have to compete with any other relevant celebration in the local social agenda. In this way, it is easier to awaken the interest of the target audience.  

2. Theme
What is the company's reason for this initiative? For example, an award for entrepreneurs, a training course, the presentation of a new product in the catalogue, a networking event or the organization of a charity event. The theme is the guiding thread of the action plan and you should keep it in mind at all times. 

3. Human resources
Create a work team to deal with the management of this project and clarify the functions of each of the members so that there is continuous coordination between the common goal of the event itself and the individual skills of those involved in organizing it.

4. Technical resources
In addition to talent, you can also invest in material resources to improve communication among team members and convey an image of a modern company. For example, use an interactive whiteboard or digital participation system to increase creativity during group meetings.

5. Plan the event agenda
List the activities that will take place with a detailed description of the proposals and the planned schedule. When you organize an event with sufficient time in advance, you need to be aware that unforeseen events may arise that affect previously scheduled events. 
The best way to go about solving these possible unexpected events is to have a plan B. This proactive attitude allows you to plan the details of the agenda while considering possible issues that may come up.  

6. Corporate communication
Make decisions that represent the corporate values ​​of the brand at this event. In other words, the company identity must be present in the form and content of this event that, in essence, represents the work of the organization itself. 

7. Marketing
The proper use of social networks will help to promote the event. To reach as many people as possible, use marketing strategies: planned publications, hashtags, trends, competitions and phrases with assertive images.
Use social networks to promote and make the event visible, as this will help position your brand. Facebook is the biggest platform, it currently has more than two billion users. However, LinkedIn is the social network of companies, so you could promote your event there. Furthermore, Instagram has grown rapidly, therefore, depending on your target audience, you should not ignore it. It is important that you always think about the social networks that are most appropriate for the event and the mission and vision of the company in order for it to be aligned and consistent. 

WTC BARCELONA is an excellent place to organize events. This business complex is perfectly equipped with meeting and conference rooms. World Trade Centre Barcelona offers an unforgettable professional experience in a unique environment on the shores of the Mediterranean. 

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