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Offices in Barcelona: how to choose the perfect location
Oficinas en Barcelona

The office is not just a place of work, it is of vital importance for companies as a showcase for potential clients. For this reason, knowing how to choose the premises that will perform this function is essential. In this article we offer some practical tips.

Factors to consider when choosing offices in Barcelona
If you are looking for office space in Barcelona, bear in mind that the chosen location has to meet the interests of the company while at the same time considering the well-being of employees, as is the best way to retain talent.
Among all the factors that come into play, we‘ll highlight the location, infrastructure and capacity of the property. Therefore, the office must be included in the Business Plan because it is a catalyst to favour the operation of the company.

The location is essential because an office located in a central area, apart from benefiting potential customers, will make it easier for workers to get to. When it comes to an office building, we recommend a location in easy to access areas because, in this way, workers will reduce the time they spend commuting; the proximity to bus stops, metro stations and high-capacity roads is essential.

The services available in the premises are a fundamental aspect as, let’s face it, you will have to work there every day. It is a good idea to have the necessary infrastructure to work comfortably, with natural light, good views and general conditions that favour productivity. Another aspect that you should consider and that will help to improve the work environment is to have rest areas, a dining room or, why not, a gym. Of course, you have to make sure that the place complies with the necessary accessibility conditions for people with reduced mobility.

This point is important, but a balance must be found. The office is a workplace in the medium to long term and, therefore, it is advisable to forecast growth and consider this factor so that it doesn‘t become too small too soon. However, excessive size should also be avoided so that underuse does not have a negative influence on the income statement.

An office must have good resources for the workers, a strategic location close to potential clients and be big enough to carry out the activities without difficulty. Faced with this, Big Data, which provides a large volume of data for property analysis, is forcing companies to change their traditional approach. Currently, the cost is no longer the fundamental factor when it comes to choosing a location. In this way WTCB (World Trade Centre Barcelona) fulfils all these premises and has set itself up as a good place to locate the headquarters of your company in one of the best business centres in Europe.

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