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Personal fulfilment begins with happiness at work

realizacion personal felicidad laboral wtcb barcelona

Recent studies indicate that feeling satisfied with one's job, which we spend much of the day doing, positively influences the feeling of happiness. 

Happiness at work improves productivity, so having happy workers ensures that they perform the tasks with more enthusiasm and makes them want to be part of the company. Feeling valued and that their effort is worthwhile is what makes a worker feel satisfied and fulfilled at work and in their personal life. 

According to a study carried out by Annie McKee at Harvard University, there are three keys to finding happiness at work:

1. The sense of belonging

According to the study, those who feel valued in their job and who make an effort to achieve specific goals, feel committed to the company which directly influences an increase in productivity. In Spain only 32% of workers feel very involved in their job.

2. The vision of the future

The research ensures that workers who feel safe and have their place within the organization tend to feel committed to the company's objectives, which gives them a great sense of satisfaction.

The accomplishment results in worker satisfaction due to having achieved the challenges set. In face of this, 67% of workers say that happiness at work is an important factor in creating a unique experience.

3. Support

When workers feel they have the support of the company, their colleagues and bosses, collaboration and commitment increase, creating links both within and outside the workplace.

The humanization of the worker is necessary. Feelings affect work, so happiness is a factor that companies must consider. In face of this, Harvard Universitycarried out a study that points out that a person who is happy makes 25% of the people around him/her happy too.

We agree on the need to change the current system and ensure the happiness of workers to achieve the objectives of the company, to humanize them by considering their feelings and to show workers that what happens to them really matters. 

Happiness matters 

The management of happiness in the workplace must become a shared goal. It is very important for people to be motivated and feel comfortable to meet objectives in order for the company to evolve and grow. In fact, the Social Market Foundation and Warwick University, carried out research which involved 700 people, which concluded that happiness at work increases thanks to better relationships between employees and between the team and the bosses.

Several years ago, an index measuring happiness was created in the United Kingdom “Happy Planet Index". This tool was created by Nick Marks, who assures that "if a human being is happy, the chances of success, both professionally and on a personal level, are greater".

Without a doubt, the happier, the more successful. In this way, by increasing happiness at work, functions will be fulfilled more efficiently and with less burnout.

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