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Working in Barcelona is a luxury, particularly if you’re lucky enough to do so in a rental-office property near the sea.

It’s common knowledge that the sea is a powerful antidepressant. The sea breeze gives a feeling of peace and fosters creativity, and looking at the blue sea tapering into infinity is a great way to fight stress and reduce anxiety.

Seeing this from your office window is wonderful, but being able to go out of the office and enjoy the view outdoors, listen to the murmur of the waves and tune out as we watch cruise and commercial vessels ply the sea is a pleasure that’s hard to describe. It has to be experienced.

It’s therefore no surprise that the geographical setting is one of the values companies look for on defining what’s known as the emotional salary. Being in pleasant surroundings is good for employees and for the company, and on a par with other considerations such as a congenial working environment, flexible work hours, etc.

Working in Barcelona is practical and a good business decision. According to a study conducted by the British real-estate firm Coldwell Banker Prestige, leases for offices in Barcelona are up to eight times cheaper than those in other European cities like London and Paris. Eight times!

Add to this an airport just fifteen minutes from the city, and efficient logistical support to transport air passengers by taxi, train, bus and metro, and you have the perfect travel and work destination.

Another plus offered by Barcelona is its wealth of after-hours services and activities. You can choose between mingling with tourists or visiting more urbane neighbourhoods, relaxing on your own, or socialising with others...

Barcelona is a large but manageable city, where it’s easy to find your way around and easy to get lost too. There’s always something to do, always something to see in Barcelona.

And always something to eat too! Dining options are virtually unending. There are large and small restaurants, family-oriented or select, offering traditional or innovative dishes, à la carte menus or tapas, meat, fish...

Having said all that... There can be no doubt: Working in Barcelona is a great luxury.

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