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One of the leading tourist and family attractions in Barcelona is going out for a spin on a boat around the port to take in the city’s Mediterranean setting in all its splendour.

The best-known of the companies offering boat rides is Las Golondrinas; it’s not the only one, but it’s been around the longest. Since 1888, in fact.

That’s why Golondrina (Swallow) has become the generic name for all tourist vessels offering sightseeing rides; in fact they’ve turned into a city hallmark. And not just for tourists. Many families like to spend their Sunday going out for a boat ride around the port. It’s an outing people of all ages enjoy, but youngsters usually appreciate it the most. Just going aboard the boat is a major adventure. And while they run around on deck looking at the sea and trying to identify the Catalan capital’s many distinctive buildings, adults get to enjoy amazing views.

These offshore tours give a different perspective of the city and a great opportunity to take photographs of the Barcelona skyline. Barcelona from the sea is a beautiful, almost magical sight, which is enhanced by the sense of freedom produced by the sea breeze.

You can take two kinds of tours. The first is known as Barcelona Port and lasts about 40 minutes, while the second, Barcelona Mar, takes about an hour and a half, since it covers part of the Port of Barcelona and continues as far as the Forum district. This means you can take in the city’s entire coastline and each of its beaches.

If you have the time, we recommend taking the longer tour, since the views of the city from the sea are one of Barcelona’s most appreciated treats.

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