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The perfect breakfast


Eating a nutritious breakfast is essential for starting the day on the right foot with plenty of energy and setting the nutritional foundation for the rest of the day.

As countless studies have shown, eating the right kind of breakfast will give you all the nutrients you need for the entire morning, to prevent you from feeling run down and be able to carry out your work and/or fitness activities properly.

What’s more, eating a breakfast rich in fibre helps your digestion and prevents you from becoming constipated.

Having said that, what’s the perfect breakfast? What should it be composed of?

  • Complex carbohydrates: In all meals, and breakfast in particular, most calories should come from complex carbohydrates. Foods that provide energy little by little. For that, we should eat things such as wholemeal bread, grains and whole cereals.

  • Dairy products: These are essential due to their protein content, in addition to containing calcium, zinc and iron. They include milk, cheese, yoghurt and combinations featuring cereals. They are best consumed with low-fat or skimmed dairy products.

  • Fruit and natural juices: Fruit is a central component of a healthy, well-balanced diet, since it contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies and aid the digestive system in general and the intestines in particular.

So, no excuses, have a good breakfast and join the Fitness club by WTCB! THE CORPORATE GYM team is on hand to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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