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Fitness Club by WTC Barcelona tips for spring: the ADE formula (nutrition, rest and physical exercise)

Fitness club by WTCB

The arrival of spring, warmer temperatures and fine weather are a great time of year for practising outdoor sports or for just going out for a pleasant walk, for increasing your water intake and for taking care of allergies.

The ADE formula will help you reach optimum levels of wellbeing for you to take advantage of this splendid time of year on a day-to-day basis:


  • A balanced diet: this will ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need for good health and wellbeing.
  • Energy: energy is not created, it’s transformed to ensure your vital functions (heartbeat, breathing, body temperature…), engage in physical exercise, etc. Eating healthy, nutritious food will prevent tiredness and ensure your body recovers rapidly after doing exercise.


  • It helps you stay active: having more energy for the next day will prevent you from feeling weak.
  • It refreshes your memory: a good night’s sleep boosts memory and concentration.
  • It helps to revitalise your body: sleeping is the time your body uses to repair the stresses to which it is subjected every day. 


  • Benefits: maintaining our ideal weight, burning kilocalories and keeping a sound mind.
  • 30 minutes: frequency is the key here, and with a minimum of 30 minutes’ exercise a day you can easily keep fit.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: you’ll be working out to offset the health issues stemming from a sedentary lifestyle.

THE CORPORATE GYM trainers of the Fitness Club by WTC Barcelona are on hand to help you accomplish your fitness goals effectively.

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