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What is your firm’s line of business?

First of all, allow me to provide some background on who we are. Haufe-umantis Spain forms part of the Haufe Group, a multinational German conglomerate with a longstanding reputation for excellence. The group covers several lines of business, such as software development, content publishing, etc. The group has a workforce of over 1,800, with about 40 of us based here in Barcelona.

Our Barcelona office was established about 18 months ago; we saw great potential in the capital and its surroundings, and this prompted us to open a new technological work centre here. The four teams that currently make up Haufe-umantis Spain are basically responsible for developing our software. Our software programmes make it possible to manage entire human-resource departments by taking into account all the variables involved, ranging from internal communications to career development, hiring processes, etc. The only aspect we are not yet developing at present is payroll systems.


What are the key factors behind your company’s success?

For us it is important to found our company/group success on two pillars: our clients and our collaborators.

At the client level, what has led to our success is the way we view collaboration with the company that will be using our product. The Haufe Group believes in co-creation, which means we develop taylor-made software for each and every client using new tools and methodologies. Our process begins by conducting workshops or activities in conjunction with our client, through activities such as Lego for Business Óand Metromap, which provide us with a better understanding of their needs and a clear grasp of where they want to go. This process, which we call Rythmix, ensures greater quality in our products.

In terms of our collaborators, the approach that has proved successful is placing trust in our employees/colleagues. We know we can rely on our work teams and treat them with full confidence in their abilities. Our internal organisation has a minimum of hierarchy, which means our colleagues feel and can see they work in a democratic environment where their voices are heard and their opinions count. To be able to function correctly and be properly organised, we follow the Agile Scrum principles, which allow us all to contribute new ideas and make our organisation act in a swift, responsive and straightforward manner. The Haufe Group views its employees as the main foundation for achieving good results, which is why we believe our people should come to work highly motivated and with a positive attitude, and we work with that purpose in mind.


What are the firm’s goals for 2018, in both strategic and commercial terms?

Our Barcelona offices have a very clear line to follow in 2018: to maintain our current growth levels and consolidate the Barcelona office as one of the fundamental pillars within the Haufe Group, while also continuing to promote our work methodology among IT professionals in Barcelona in order to grow further.

At the product level, we seek to grow in the Spanish market by securing our first clients: we know we provide a quality product and are sure that being as competitive as we are in other countries will help us to establish a strong presence here.


Could you tell us about a project you’re currently working on?

We are currently immersed in the creation of a new HRM --a human resources management platform—for a major German multinational automotive corporation. This project is quite a challenge, since this German multinational has a very large workforce and our software must provide optimum service from day one to ensure smooth operations in their offices. Furthermore, our software must and will be highly innovative, with a leading edge, flexible interface designed for easy use by all employees as of its launching. Moreover, our software will be available both in Cloud and in app format to ensure easy access and usability. Our aim is for anybody to be able to access our HRM 24/7 with little effort.


What do you feel are the main advantages of working in a business complex like WTCB?

There are several points we believe provide great advantages in working in a setting such as WTCB. Since we are international company, having good transport links and being located close to the airport mean that colleagues arriving from other parts of Europe have easier, more direct access to our offices than other parts of the city.

For those of us who come to the office on a daily basis, having access to both cycling facilities and public transport practically right to our door makes our lives easier, which we value greatly. We also have a gym right on the premises which is used by several of our colleagues, along with a good assortment of restaurants.

Another factor that is important to us is the conference and event organisation facilities that are readily available at WTCB. They are always willing to help and furnish venues to ensure our activities are conducted under the best possible conditions.

Lastly, since we are growing, we greatly value the possibility of expanding our offices as required. To date we have always been able to keep expanding our office space in keeping with our needs, which facilitates our internal organisation.


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