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Interview with Philippe Jiménez

Position: Regus CEO in Spain



Regus is a multinational British corporation founded over 25 years ago. We have 1600 business centres in more than 100 countries around the world, and provide services to more than 1 million people every day.

Our business is to provide flexible office solutions ranging from simple postal domiciling to meeting rooms, video conferencing and fully equipped, furnished offices so all clients have to do is walk in, connect and start working. 



What’s the secret behind Regus’s success?

Our relationship to workspace is changing, in fact it’s being revolutionised and the change is exponential. What people want is a flexible working environment that saves money and time, and to work more productively while respecting the environment. 

Regus’s secret is to be attentive to market demands. The concept of Third Place, which consists of working where you want, when you want and how you want, is becoming increasingly important in our work model. 

Regus thus provides its clients with a Business World loyalty card that gives them access to a business lounge anywhere in the world where there’s a Regus Centre, for just 19€ a month domestically and 39€ a month internationally.

In 2014 we’ll be expanding the Third World concept to service stations, train stations, airports, large areas, universities and so on, so that our clients won’t have to cross a city to get to work, thus raising their productivity to optimum levels. 

We adapt to whatever the client needs and to what the market requires.


Could you tell us the competitive advantage offered by your firm?

Our competitive advantage lies in being flexible and cutting back costs, and our international network enhances our clients’ mobility. All our Regus Centres are identical worldwide in terms of their image, systems, technology, services and professional staff… and they all meet strict quality standards that are evaluated through quarterly audits.

We offer a fully uniform, standard product in each and every country. This gives our clients great confidence and provides them with a high-quality product and substantial savings.


What’s your background in Regus?

I started working at Regus 19 years ago as a junior sales representative when I finished my studies. First I worked in Paris and then I developed and opened centres around the world, particularly in Europe and Latin America. After that I was head of the sales department in Spain and subsequently in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I was then appointed vice-chairman of corporate accounts and currently I’m the CEO in Spain.

You’ve had your headquarters at WTCB for over ten years: has your client portfolio changed much during that time?

When Regus opened its offices at WTCB in 2005, the difference was that our clients were mostly international. Around 80-90% of our clients consisted of foreign companies entering the Spanish market.

Our client portfolio has changed during that time. Now almost 60% are domestic clients and 40% are international. Foreign companies are still using our services to penetrate the market, and local businesses no longer view our services as a “concept” but as a necessity that helps them strengthen their business using a more flexible approach.



What are the advantages of offering your services from premises such as those of WTCB?

WTC Barcelona’s location is representative and projects a solid business image. Being able to offer offices with views of the sea in a modern building with comprehensive services such as banks, restaurants, temporary-work companies and a hotel means that our clients don’t have to move, and this is a big plus.

Regus wants to be where its clients need to show their presence and WTC Barcelona is in a perfect location that acts as a complement to Regus Centres in Barcelona.


What are the prospects for 2014?

In 2013 we opened an average of 1.5 centres a day and in 2014 we’ll be opening 3.5 centres a day worldwide, with some twenty in Spain alone.

We see the Spanish market teeming with opportunities. A 26% unemployed rate means there are great opportunities for growth and attracting talent, so here's a lot of work to be done. Our mission is to provide good service at an attractive, competitive price. Now's the time to invest in Spain!


If you want to contact with Phillipe Jimenez you can do it by phone or e-mail:

T. +34 932 287 800




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