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Avis Budget Group 

Person interviewed: Rosita Santiago de Marcellus
Position: Managing Director, Avis Budget Group -- EMEA
Contact Centre Contact telephone: +34 93 344 36 25 
Contact e-mail:

Avis Budget Group (ABG) is a long-standing tenant at WTC Barcelona. This leading multinational car rental company has its Contact Centre for Europe headquarters at the Complex. The company moved into the fifth floor of the North Building in the year 2000 and now takes up a total area covering some 2,800 m² on three floors, all overlooking Barcelona’s Port Vell.

Running the Contact Centre of a multinational company like Avis means managing a large staff of different cultural backgrounds in a single space. Could you give us some figures to give us an idea of your offices’ everyday operations, such as the number of employees and their nationalities, how many requests you handle and process, the special divisions by territory in your offices, etc…?

ABG’s Contact Centre in Barcelona is a service-oriented organisation. Our vision is to maintain standards of excellence by focusing on our customers and our staff through innovation and efficiency. Our mission is to provide our customers with an exceptional experience through our commitment, passion and dedication, which, as our motto says, is to “go the extra mile”.

Our contact centre in Barcelona provides service to 15 countries in 12 languages for three brands, these being AVIS, Budget and ZIPCAR, which is known as AVANCAR in Spain. Our staff, made up of more than 30 nationalities, is in charge of managing bookings, social networks, contacts with customers and also acquiring and managing new clients.

The sector in which they conduct our line of business has not been exempt from the many changes brought about by the technological revolution in recent years. Could you give us an example of the change in work methods this has spurred in your Contract Centre and how technology has changed the way you treat your customers?

Activity levels have not diminished in the past few years. However, the kind of contact and communication channels has.

One part of the way we communicate with our customers is through social networks. Our Social Media team works through a centralised platform that handles the processes of monitoring, responding to and analysing the social networks community. It is also in charge of developing part of the creation of and content for Europe.

Our customers can enter the chat section of our webs to contact our dedicated team, or if they prefer they can do so by e-mail.

The new forms of technology haven’t changed our commitment to providing excellent, personalised service; in fact they strengthen it. Regardless of what communication channel they choose, our customers are given professional attention from a dynamic, creative, enthusiastic staff that is consistently able to convey their desire and determination to help them.

It’s becoming increasingly common in the business world to hear that ”Keeping a customer loyal is more profitable than finding a new one”. How do you make sure that slogan runs through the offices you manage?

Our company has a powerful “Preferred” loyalty programme. We foster loyalty through a point system, discounts, fee-free items, extra services and above all, commitment to providing topnotch service every step of the weay.

All our training and development programmes are based on our approach to service: “Satisfied customers belong to a brand, unconditional customers belong to us”.

What are ABG’s business prospects for the remainder of this year and 2015?

New markets, developing support for Zipcar in Europe and broadening support for our operations in each country.

What advantages does having your Contact Centre at WTC Barcelona afford Avis and its staff?

Proximity, accessibility and a multicultural environment are some of the advantages of having our headquarters at WTC. Many of our staff live in downtown Barcelona, so they can cycle to work. Furthermore, WTC’s superb views of the city provide a unique setting that adds value to the well-being of our work team.


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