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Company name: Cyberclick & InboundCycle
Interviewee: David Tomás
Position: Co-founder and CEO of Cyberclick Group

What is your firm’s line of business?

Cyberclick Group comprises 5 companies devoted to marketing and digital advertising. It’s the first interactive advertising group that specialises in providing on-line services through results-oriented traffic generating strategies. This is why each of our companies has focused its efforts on specific channels such as SEM, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social and Content Ads. The companies that are here at the World Trade Center Barcelona are Cyberclick and Inbound Cycle.

What do you think is the key element behind your company’s success?

We’ve managed to reach this level of success thanks to our corporate growth strategy and the excellent team at the core of each of our companies. 

As the Cyberclick Group has grown, rather than form a large organisation, we have concentrated on creating a new start-up for each line of business. We are currently made up of 5 brands, each specialising in a specific aspect of digital advertising, which is the key to our success.

Our other great secret is the people who form part of the Cyberclick Group. We don’t follow the profile that traditional companies had typically sought until now. We create multidisciplinary teams composed, among others, of mathematicians and engineers, advertising agents, journalists and business professionals. We look for a set of very well-defined personal values in each person: the ability to question everything continually and a sense of admiration for the other members of the team being two of the most important.

What are Cyberclick’s business prospects for the remainder of 2016?

In Cyberclick in particular we’re focusing on a technological solution that manages advertising on Twitter (TwitterAds), called T2M TwitterTech Marketing, based on decision-making in real time and on artificial-intelligence algorithms. Our aim is to maximise Twitter advertisers’ return on investment and have an impact on the most important users.

We’re also delving further into Native advertising (Content Ads), a channel that is gathering increasing momentum in the online environment and is based on creating quality content for users rather than resorting to classic advertising.

I should also point out that InboundCycle is Hubspot’s oldest partner in Spain and its first Diamond partner. This has made us the Inbound Marketing benchmark in Spain this year, which is an important factor in our continued growth.

Could you give us an example of a successful case history?

Our differentiating value is our human resources: since 2007 we’ve worked on shaping a corporate culture to differentiate us from other companies in which happiness and well-being are of primordial importance. The ongoing effort we’ve been carrying out in this area for several years has enabled us to win first place for two consecutive years as the Best Workplace in Spain for enterprises with less than 50 employees. We have won the award in 2014 and 2015.
What would you say are the advantages of working at the WTCB setting?
The natural daylight at the complex, along with the views and the wealth of services WTCB offers the companies that work here.

Company websites: y
Contact telephone: (+34) 93 508 82 34
Contact e-mail:
Social media: Facebook ; Twitter ; Linkedin ; Google+

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