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NETGEAR has had its headquarters at WTC Barcelona since January 2005 and is a leading provider of networking products for small and medium-sized businesses, independent professionals and household users.


The following is an interview with Daniel García, Channel Sales Director of Netgear Iberia.



Netgear is a company that offers innovative products for users, companies and service providers.


The company was founded in 1996 in the United States and in 2001came to Spain, on spotting an opportunity to develop its business here due to the strong demand of Spanish users, mainly as regards small and medium-sized companies, independent professionals and household users. NETGEAR now has a network of whole salers that covers all the needs of the Spanish market in terms of the four pillars on which we base our product distribution: retail, VARs, the e-tailer market and catalogue sales.


• What is the secret behind NETGEAR’s domestic and international success?

The secret of our success in this sector is designing leading-edge technology network solutions tailored to each company’s needs.

Our business objective primarily focuses on working with professional users by providing them with essential tools such as wireless products, which give users great freedom in that they enable all kinds of computers and peripherals to be set up anywhere without using cables; switches, which make it possible to manage network traffic effectively; routers, which are very useful if you have a large number of employees connecting to the same network; household connections such as Powerline, which provides network access in households by just plugging into any electrical outlet; software, which avoids the need for a router with VPN capacities for each computer on a network; in terms of security, we have UTMs, which furnish small and medium-sized companies the security and performance levels of large businesses.

Another of our star products is the Ready NAS line, a series of professional network-storage devices that offer a wide range of solutions, since they can be used as a NAS, such as an SAN to connect with servers, for virtualising, backup, replication, etc.


• If you had to list three of the services you provide, which would you choose? Could you explain the competitive advantages offered by each with a brief description?

- The Partners programme and post-sale service.

- Once you’re a channel member, NETGEAR’s Powershift Partners programme provides you with support from the person in charge of your account, who can solve all your problems. Furthermore, if necessary you can change products at no additional cost, while also having access to catalogues, promotional products and other materials at the sales outlet.

- Post-sale service is one of NETGEAR’s strong points and provides our consumers with telephone support and a warranty. NETGEAR is the manufacturer that offers the best guarantee for its products; in fact the ProSafe family offers lifelong warranty, even if the product is no longer in our catalogue. In the storage line we offer a 5-year guarantee, which includes drives. Our range of professional products also includes free online service for the first 3 years.



• In conclusion, could you explain briefly why you chose WTC Barcelona as your headquarters in Spain?


We chose WTCB because these offices meet all our business perfectly. What’s more, the stunning views of the Maremagnum, Port Vell, the sea and the Barcelona cityscape in general provide an ideal setting and a relaxing atmosphere in which to work.


Contact  Netgear


Daniel García

Company: Netgear Iberia

World Trade Center Barcelona

Edificio Sur 2ª Planta

08039 Barcelona

Telephone: 91.521.11.34






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