Reimagining common spaces

After completing the first part of the renovation that has equipped the WTCB with new services, we are continuing the transformation process that will make us the best business park in Barcelona.

The purpose of this project is to re-imagine the original common spaces, creating a sequence of zones that reflect the needs of the present and the trends of the future, with a more sustainable approach.

The Plaza

By taking out the original fountain, the Plaza will become the heart of the new-look outdoor space thanks to the garden of orange trees that will cover it.

The space will be designed in a classical courtyard scheme, with four areas partially covered by four canopies that will allow our Community to either be in the shade or in the sun next to the trees as they enjoy this central garden.


Overlooking the orange garden in the central Plaza and the port at each corner between the buildings, the terraces on the first floor are being reimagined as an additional space for the office tenants.

Equipping this space with functional furniture and more green areas will allow members of our Community to bring their work outside, have informal or walking meetings, or simply catch up with their colleagues during a break.


The reception lobbies in each of the buildings will have a new look as a result of integrating the technology with the interior architecture.

In addition to replacing the original wood panelling, we will install a new high-efficiency lighting design, two video walls on the side walls, and the reception desk will become one seamless unit, improving the accessibility and visibility of our teams.


As part of the proposed new corporate image for each of the three reception areas, the elevator lobbies on all the floors will also be refurbished.

The design will include glass panel cladding plus high efficiency lighting and a new false ceiling.


The bathrooms on each and every floor will have new finishes including some layout changes.

The wall and floor coverings will be replaced, there will be more sustainable water-efficient taps and a new high-efficiency lighting design.