A cornerstone of the overall management of the building and its users

At World Trade Center Barcelona we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our economic activity. For this reason, we carry out good sustainable practices, we are committed to reducing energy consumption and constantly seeking better recycling processes.

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Every path begins with a first step

At WTCB we work on the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Although the goals express the aspirations at the global level, we commit ourselves to work on these 8 SDGs, preparing a Sustainability Plan for the next 3 years.

We thus respond to the universal appeal of the United Nations with this pioneering Plan in the office sector, which shows our involvement and that of our Community to create a more sustainable world. This journey will not be short, but we have already taken the first step. We walk together?

Sustainability ODS 2 - Zero Hunger

We support charitable food collection campaigns and we make donations to associations that provide food to countries in a precarious state.

We also use apps to encourage our food service customers to avoid food waste, and we train our staff accordingly.

Sustainability ODS 3 - Good health and well-being

We promote a healthy lifestyle with free sports activities and mind-body workshops. We also have projects to encourage you to connect with nature.

In addition, we ensure the well-being of our Community thanks to certificates guaranteeing disinfection against COVID-19 and the WELL certificate.

Sustainability ODS 4 - Quality education

At the WTCB we openly run training workshops, many of them in collaboration with other WTCA members. We promote linguistic training through language exchanges for our employees and encourage reading.

Sustainability ODS 10 - Reduced inequalities

We have declared that we are opposed to any kind of social or labour inequality.

But we are aware that there is still a long way to go, so we have implemented actions, such as the STEM talent girl project, for the inclusion of girls in technical careers; and collaborated with associations that help integrate people with disabilities or give women equal opportunities.

Sustainability ODS 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

We are contributing to the creation of green spaces in our complex and promoting sustainable mobility, with bicycle and electric scooter parking, and meeting spaces such as the We Take Care room.

We also support companies that work with km 0 products.

Sustainability ODS 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Our contribution to curbing environmental degradation includes having a Clean Lung for the correct waste segregation, pioneering in terms of office buildings, waste-separation bins and the digitisation of the building’s energy management systems to limit use.

Sustainability ODS 13 - Climate Action

By tackling climate change we will build a sustainable world for all.

We are contributing through awareness-raising actions such as waste collections, and we are taking action for the climate by creating our own forest, and increasing green spaces within the WTCB.

Sustainability ODS 17 - Partnerships for the goals

The WTCB is joining forces with the World Trade Centers Association and other entities at both the national and international levels to achieve these eight objectives that we are committed to working towards.

Sustainability Sustainability Plan

The World Trade Center Barcelona is fully involved with and committed to sustainability, it is one of the cornerstones of our action policy and is a fundamental value in our day-to-day work.

For this reason, after analysing the 17 SDGs proposed in the Development Agenda, the WTCB has defined those to which it can contribute. Based on the 8 SDGs chosen, we are presenting the Sustainability Plan for the next 3 years. Check it out on our intranet.