A cornerstone of the overall management of the building and its users

At World Trade Center Barcelona we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activity. That’s why we use sustainable practices, are committed to reducing energy consumption and to continually strive for improved recycling processes.

Our WTCB Sustainability project enables us to efficiently manage pollution prevention. We comply with environmental regulations and legislation as well as informing and training our WTCB Community partners, suppliers, and clients to ensure our business activity has the lowest possible impact. This is how we play our part in combatting climate change.

Sustainability Training Sessions

Through our WTCB Sustainability project we create an informed Community who engage in good environmental practices that promote healthy living, efficient transport and environmentally-friendly waste management.

Sustainability Waste segregation audits:

Each year, we collaborate with the main waste segregation and management bodies so that we can implement the best processes and procedures for recycling.

Sustainability A green lung:

We are committed to continuously improving the complex’s facilities. That is why one of our latest sustainability measures is the creation of a green lung, a pioneering project in this area.

Sustainability Recycling bins:

As part of our sustainability policy, the entire complex has bins for optimal waste separation.

Sustainability WTCB LEED certification

WTCB is certified by the US Green Building Council as LEED Gold. A guarantee of operating efficiency that encourages smart urban planning and greatly reduces the building’s environmental impact and consumption of water and natural resources.

Certifications SGS Disinfection Monitored

After the isnpection and verification of our protocols by the certifying company SGS, we have been awarded the “Disinfection Monitored” seal.

This process reviews all cleaning protocols at document level and performs an on-site verification inspection to check the quality of cleaning throught both in situ and laboratory tests.