RE- Fashion

Behind every piece of clothing is a story of mass production that we want you to be aware of.

Commit to the circular economy by dropping off clothes you no longer wear at the entrance to the East building, and learn how to shop more consciously thanks to the personalised image consultancy we’ll be offering you on May 17th.

Join the Re-Fashion movement, the rebirth of fashion, with the WTCB!

All the pieces of clothing donated will go to the Formació i Treball Foundation. Its main mission is to help people at risk of exclusion to find work, and processing the clothes they receive as donations is one of their main ways of creating jobs.

The donated garments are distributed among its Botiga Amiga shops. The staff who work in these shops are job placement workers and, in these stores, clothes are given to individuals as well as to people referred to them by social services. In this way, they try to dignify the social distribution of clothes for people at risk of exclusion.