Self-portrait Photography Workshop
World Trade Center Barcelona Workshop Self-portrait Photography Workshop

Self-portrait photography workshop given by Andrea Font on Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th June,

The workshop teaches you the entire self-portrait process, from conceptualisation, to thinking about what you want to convey, and editing.


Now, you can enjoy it whenever you want in our Youtube channel:

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Self-portrait photography workshop (2)


It is designed for anyone who wants to explore this field, with the aim of creating a final self-portrait that communicates exactly what each person has decided on, for example, a new picture for LinkedIn that transmits who you are.

Andrea Font will lead the whole process, so that each person achieves what they are looking for with the tools they have, making the most of their camera or mobile phone and all the external elements that will be described in the workshop, such as lighting, framing, props, and so on.

Andrea Font, CEO of Full Frame Studio S.L., is a content creator and entrepreneur. She is the official photographer for Tomorrowland Belgium, she went on Juicy M’s World Tour, and has accompanied many other international artists. Together with her team, she creates content for brands and big enterprises travelling around the world.

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