Meditation Heartfulness
World Trade Center Barcelona Workshop Meditation Heartfulness

Thursday January 21st is World Meditation Day and we want to celebrate this together, with an emotional detox session at 7 pm.

In the first 30-minute session, we will learn 3 simple techniques, based on the Heartfulness Way, which will make us feel much better.

We will learn how to focus on our breathing, its benefits, and how to relax our minds. These tools will help us cope better with daily stress.

To participate, simply connect to the following link:

ID: 945 0885 9043

Password: WTCmedita

21/01/2021 – 7:00 pm


When your heart is calm, your mind is at rest.


Find a place inside, with a pleasant temperature and very little noise, where you won’t be interrupted (disconnect your phones). A light blanket and a cushion may be useful. You can sit on a chair or on the floor (we do not recommend lying down, as it is easy to fall asleep).